Vanke Foundation is a corporate foundation endowed and supported by China Vanke Co., Ltd. Approved by the State Council, it was registered in 2008 with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Vanke Foundation has been certificated as a charitable organization since 2017.

As a visionary pioneer, Vanke Foundation addresses issues with a profound impact on the future, aims for sustainable communities, and promotes environmental protection and community development.

Vanke Foundation employs the ‘research-pilot-empower-advocate’ method and the mindsets of people-orientation, partnership and self motivation to create a robust ecosystem for public good. It promotes the sustainable development of the communities and strives for an ecosystem where humans, society and nature can prosper in harmony via multiple ways including policy, legislation, businesses, international organizations, and grassroots forces. Currently, the foundation focuses on community waste management.

Since its establishment, Vanke Foundation has achieved many successes in environmental protection, historic building conservation, child health, education, and targeted poverty alleviation. The foundation works together with over 120 nonprofit organizations, Vanke’s employees, community property owners, experts, social workers, volunteers, and suppliers to give back to society with actions and co-create a promising future.